Our Story

We are a young travel company with local experience in Europe and Sri Lanka. We started this company from our love to travel. We have been traveling around the globe for many years now. Now we would like to share our experience with you to give you a unforgettable dream holiday.

Our Company Director Nipuni is a native Sri Lankan. Her expertise reaches out over the whole Island, to bring all the beauty of Sri Lanka to you. Being a foodie, she will provide you the tips and tricks where to have a great meal. To give you an amazing time in paradise.

We are determined to give you a fairy tale experience. For the more adventurous among us, we provide awesome party packages. We know all the secrets and local gems of our amazing Island. To give you an unforgettable experience. Our guides are trained and picked by us, to make sure that they will fit your needs.

We have tested out unique activities, bars and restaurants. Using all this knowledge to provide you an unforgettable holiday. Our experiences will be your best guide for cultural activities, relaxing activities, foodies, etc.

You only live once,  make the most of your life.

Our mission

We are determined to give you the best travel deals in Sri lanka. Our mission is to change your way of traveling and introduce you our way. Convinced to make a difference, we will push ourselves to improve your journey.

Traveling is all about widening your world and we want to make this easier for you. We will make the difference that you are looking for. Letting you discover our great Island. Each trip must be a lasting memory, full of joy and wanderlust.

Bringing you to unique hidden gems in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy a care free vacation and get those much wanted unique instagram pictures. Stand out with your vacation when you book at Mumu Holidays.

Empowering your travel dreams and unforgettable holidays starts with us.



Local partners that are continually providing us new hubs around the globe. So that your journey stays up to date.



Working with local hotels and hostel owners we get the best deals for your stay. Local restaurants provide us great meal deals to offer you.



Across Sri Lanka we offer activities, hotel deals and tours. We are currently expanding our services but are proud to offer you already more than 40 destinations where you can enjoy our services



More than 1000 customers travelled with us. Join the growing group of customers that place their trust in us.

"Traveling is a lifestyle, that will never let you down! Don't waste time by staying home.


Your partner for an holiday in Sri Lanka

Laurent Bouhez


Leadership Team

Laurent Bouhez

Company Director

Nipuni Wideshya

Company Director

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